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An Immersive Experience
A pristine voice, perfectly rendered layers of instruments you can lose yourself in, sound so clear it is as though the artist is there with you.
omnee.m enables listeners to hear every single note in equal measure, every breath of the singer, and transcend from audio sound to immersive musical performance.

When you combine two or more omnee.m in one area they completely disappear, leaving only the artist and his music.
The Hi-Fi Mastery & Minimalistic Design
Designed for dedicated music lovers, purist listeners and High-Fidelity enthusiasts omnee.m covers the entire human hearing spectrum.
From a single full-range speaker driver without the interference of multiple transducers and crossovers for impedance corrections.
With a nearly flat frequency response curve and a deep bass that you can feel the music as originally intended.

It is a powerful multiroom speaker sounding every bit as beautiful as it looks, designed with passion, truly a unique expression of engineering knowledge, design and finesse where form following function.

With 360° omnidirectional radiation, innovative invisible touch-sensitive concrete controls, and the multi-room feature, the omnee.m makes for the perfect addition to modern home.
Innovative & Unique Features
omnee.m embodies elegant innovations to deliver music without compromises and to enrich the user experience:

  • Single full-range driver with Acoustic Lens that disperses the sound equally in all directions.
  • The non-co-planar-shaped enclosure that breaks standing waves is made of concrete – an ideal vibration-inert material.
  • Innovative multi-layered inner coating to finely control each aspect of sound reflection / absorbing and temper excessive surface vibrations of the speaker body that may colour the sound.
  • Unique user interface - touch-sensitive controls hidden in concrete discretely illuminated by fibre optics.
  • Integrated powerful battery power pack & solar panel connection interface for the off-grid experience.
  • Integrated hidden wireless smartphone charger.

Combining the high-end quality audio and electronic components, the very latest music-streaming technology, computer-controlled manufacturing, and premium quality craftsmanship make this unique product stand out from the crowd.
omnee.m Models
Choose the Right One For You
  • Standard Model (Natural Concrete Gray)
  • Special Edition A (Carbon Black)
  • Special Edition M (Mineral White)
  • Subwoofer

  • Bespoke Stand - to provide the optimal height for best sound radiation
  • Castors - so you can roll your omnee.m around your house or garden
  • Solar panel - enables your omnee.m to be completely OFF-GRID
  • Weather cover - to protect your omnee.m to stay in pristine condition in outdoor conditions
The Concrete Genesis
omnee.m exists as a purist, timeless piece of acoustic sculpture that can thrill and tingle your senses every time you hear it or just look at it.

ONE.618 set the task of developing technology that could deliver omnidirectional sound without compromising sound quality.

By breaking free from established design conventions and rethinking how each part of the speaker should look and function, omnee.m is the speaker that breaks all barriers, with its superb acoustics, in a sleek design.
The entire enclosure geometry is made as a single, monolithically, unified resonance and vibration-free body. The solidity is unreachable by the traditional joined enclosure.
Liberated from the conventional mass manufacturing constraints, omnee.m is aiming for absolute performance.
Each Detail is Designed to Perform
Every element of omnee.m has been engineered ground-up to deliver optimal performance and every aspect has been considered for acoustic benefits from a design perspective.

  • From the curved solid concrete body of the cabinet to the base and precision modeled acoustic lens.
  • The low-diffraction speaker baffle is centrally symmetric and all the three-port exits are gently filleted and softened visually to lower air noise.
  • Speaker terminals have been elegantly recessed to be visible and accessible only from the back.
  • The unique minimalistic user interface has hidden touch-sensitive controls embedded in concrete and discretely illuminated fibre optics.
Cutting-edge Manufacturing & Skilled Craftsmanship
omnee.m speakers are made in a limited edition.

We conscientiously invest time to master all the techniques and skills necessary to produce the highest quality speaker.

Each omnee.m is fastidiously crafted by combining cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and time-honoured hand craftsmanship, worked with rigorous attention to detail during each stage of the manufacturing process until it meets the highest quality requirements, finished to perfection.
The curing process makes each loudspeaker identical in shape and surface quality, but unique in terms of the concrete grain. The smooth surface resembles cut stone and can be sealed with the invisible sealer, oil, wax or polished. All finishes are flawlessly applied, all are gently reflective of ambient light, and will enhance the interior decor vocabulary of any home.

omnee.m comes in three colours:
  • Natural Concrete Gray - Standard Model
  • Carbon Black - Special Edition A
  • Mineral White - Special Edition M

Custom colors are available on request.
Due to the nature of our craftsmanship, we are flexible enough to do customised work in every place where it counts per request.
Environment Care
Our Low-Carbon Concrete uses partial replacement of energy-consuming cement clinker with waste and residual materials from different industries and requires less amount of energy for production - reducing the carbon footprint compared to traditional concrete.

  • BLAST FURNACE SLAG - a waste by-product resulting from the manufacture of steel and it also improves the durability of the concrete.
  • FLY ASH - a by-product of combustion of coal in thermal power plants which was previously discarded in the landfill. It also makes concrete resistant to alkali-silica reactivity.
  • MICRO SILICA (Silica Fumes) - an ultra-fine powder that is a byproduct of ferrosilicon alloy and silicon production, from the condensation of Silicon dioxide. It improves the durability of concrete by making it less permeable, and also increase its compressive strength.
  • POST-CONSUMER GLASS AND CERAMIC PEARLS - lightweight concrete aggregate
Low Resonance Enhancing Transparency
To realise the full potential of omnee.m , considerable effort has been put into creating a highly rigid non-vibrating and optimised enclosure with non-coplanar sides to minimise vibration and the radiation of sound energy through the cabinet sides and to prevent the formation of standing waves.

For this, we developed a complex ultra-high performance concrete mix. This heavy, irregularly structured and durable material is an ideal base for uninhibited driver expansion, free of interfering resonance.

With omnee.m you hear only the speaker driver, it essentially has no colouring of the sound and has the clarity that is normally associated with electrostatic loudspeakers.
The Best Sound Comes From One Single Source
The heart of each omnee.m loudspeaker is the single downward-firing unique wide-range high-end driver.

By delivering wide bandwidth sound waves in the only natural way - from a single point in space - omnee.m preserves the subtle harmonics in the crucial time-domain.

omnee.m lets you hear texture and timbre that make the instruments sound so real, voices sound startlingly convincing; full of intent and emotion, as if the artist was in the room with you.

omnee.m uses a state-of-the-art driver cone made of extremely thin, very light yet rigid Aluminium-magnesium-alloy and can deliver clean heights.
Combined with the long-stroke mono suspension, it provides deep powerful bass.
It is characterised by absolute accuracy, with incredible sound details, speed, dynamic and fidelity, rich midrange and has an exceptionally wide operating frequency range that covers the range from 37Hz up to 28kHz rated at +86dB – almost 10 octaves.

omnee.m covers the entire human hearing spectrum without the interference of a crossover or any impedance correction, with a near-flat frequency response curve and a deep bass that you can feel.
360° Degrees of Sound
omnee.m produces an optimised sound distribution and an all-encompassing sense of space, the feeling of a sound stage, at all volume levels, regardless of your position relative to the sound source.
Optimised sound distribution allows more people to enjoy the best sound at the same time.

The custom-designed conical-shaped acoustic lens located precisely under the driver evenly disperses the sound into the listening environment.
The lens gives a high-fidelity balanced omnidirectional sound while eliminating distortion and noise.
The low and high frequencies cover the same amount of area and precise timings with virtually no difference in sound quality.

This is totally unlike traditional speakers that are designed to send sound waves in only one direction and to only one listening point (sweet spot).
Active Amplification
Efficient Class-D amplifier technology and multifaceted adaptability drives high performance, providing sound exiting from speaker has a flat response and render the speaker a full-featured sound system, only to be completed by a source of your choice.
The signal path is equipped with a very small number of selected components to ensure the cleanest sound possible.

We developed a limiter algorithm that activates only at extreme volume levels and that keeps speaker driver movement under control and helps to retain the music’s clarity and increase the long-term reliability of the system while providing powerful and controlled bass.

With automatic software updates for new features and services, your music and control options will always be up to date and at their best.
The Versatility of omnee.m
Stereo Pairing / Multiroom
  • The simple set up of multiple speakers through the smartphone application.
  • Play different music or stream the same song on all speakers.
  • For a wider, more immersive sound stage, join two speakers as a stereo pair.
  • Start with only one omnee.m and expand your system later.

Connectivity / Wireless
  • Free smartphone application
  • Bluetooth 5.0, Wireless 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz/5GHz, Airplay 2
  • Cable inputs (Optional - Analog, USB, LAN, Optical, Digital)
  • Support various streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and UPnP

User-centered Choice of Controls
  • Intuitive on-speaker user interface controls
  • Remote control
  • Personalised listening experience via Smartphone App

Off-Grid Power Design
  • The powerful integrated battery for off-grid use.
  • Solar panel charging interface and management system.
  • Hidden wireless smartphone charger and USB charging port.

Add-on modules
  • FM Radio
  • UHF Transmitter / Receiver
  • Wireless Microphone